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Rootless Pixel Launcher 2 is a modified version of the default launcher included on Google Pixel. It comes with major aesthetic improvements, as well as functional enhancements -- just like the latest version of Android. But, best of all is: you won't actually need to own a Pixel in order to add these features to your current device.

Switching out the Pixel Pill on Nougat for a new search bar on the lower part of your screen, you'll soon notice that Rootless Pixel Launcher radically changes your interface.

All things considered, where this launcher really stands out of the crowd is when you head over to its advanced settings. Simply by longpressing on your desktop you'll access your settings menu. From there, you can activate or deactivate a wide variety of functions: Google Assistant and cards, set up horizontal rotate, or switch your default icons -- and much more.

Some of these extra features aren't actually present in the official version. But you'll find that the redesign is even better: now you can hide icons from your app drawer (which definitely comes in handy when you want to keep certain apps out of sight; without uninstalling).

As quite possibly the top alternative Android launcher out there today; Rootless Pixel Launcher 2 provides a true Stock Android feel to third-party devices with features galore. Plus, it's easy to install and packs a punch thanks to all the latest Android features it provides. Deck out your Android today and customize its settings and menu appearance for either you smartphone or your tablet.
By Erika Okumura
Which version of Rootless Pixel Launcher should you install?

I'm sure many of you have had doubts when trying to bring the 'Stock Android' experience to your device. The key to doing so is choosing a good launcher. That's why plenty of people have attempted to bring the interface from devices like Google Pixel to other devices. Although initially, the old Google Now Launcher was limited to certain devices, many users have attempted to modify it to make it universal. Among the many options available, Rootless Pixel Launcher is one of the best. However, since there are a few different options out there, we're going to try to help clarify which version you should install.
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How to install Rootless Pixel 2, the best launcher for Android

The official Google launcher for its Pixel devices is the benchmark when it comes to transferring the stock Android experience to any device. It was only a matter of days before users extracted the APK of the official launcher to use it on any device. But the true potential came when modified versions started appearing with additional features that weren't included in the official version. Among all the ones that have appeared, Rootless Pixel 2 Launcher is the most complete and customizable with the added bonus of not requiring root permissions. 
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Requires Android 5.0 or higher